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Jiang group publications


With our knowledge in nanomaterials, plasmas, magnetism, electrochemistry, robotics, and device engineering, we integrate science with engineering to create sustainable solutions to energy- and climate challenges.

Nitrogen Fixation and CO₂ Reduction

Jiang, H. J.;# Underwood, T. C.;# Bell, J. G.; Lei J.; Gonzales, J. C.; Emge, L.; Tadese, L.; Abd El-Rahman, M-K.; Wilmouth, D. M.; Brazaca, L. C.; Ni, G. G.; Belding, L.; Dey, S.; Ashkarran A. A.; Nagarkar A.; Nemitz M.; Cafferty B. J.; Sayres, D. S.; Ranjan, S.; Anderson, J. G.; Sasselov, D. D.; and Whitesides, G. M.* “Mimicking Lightning-induced Electrochemistry on the Early Earth.PNAS, coming soon

Alfaraidi, A. M.; Kudisch, B.; Ni, N.; Thomas, J.; George, T. Y.; Rajabimoghadam, K.; Jiang, H. J.; Nocera, D. G.; Aziz, M. J.; and Liu, R. Y.* (2023) “Reversible CO₂ Capture and On-Demand Release by an Acidity-Matched Organic Photoswitch.JACS, 145 (49), 26720-26727.

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